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But it's CHRISTMAS... *wibble*

Sorry I haven't been around much, guys... I thought I'd have a lot of time over break, but as it turns out, I might not have much time after all...

Suddenly this winter break, my family has decided that it would be a good idea to turn the entire house upside-down in an effort to clean it. -_- Which means I have to go through absolutely everything I own and pull out all the stuff I want to keep, while throwing away as much as I can. And for some reason it seems that we want to be mostly done before Christmas. Which means that I have basically no time at all... I haven't even STARTED Christmas shopping yet. Technically, I could wait to clean if I wanted and no one would be mad at me, but it's hanging over me and I really can't relax. I'm already way behind my sister because I already waited and she was cleaning when I went to a party two days ago...

I don't know. It just bums me out a little because this last semester felt really busy to me and I wanted to have this break to myself, and have a relaxing Christmas. But I can't have any fun at all when I'm supposed to be cleaning. And I have so much to do, between that and shopping. I wanted to get a lot of people gifts this year-- my family, my friends, my voice teacher, people from the cast of my opera-- but now I don't really feel like bothering with all of that. I was even kind of thinking about suprising a few of you guys with fanart or something, not to mention those three pictures I already promised to do... But now there's absolutely no way I can do the former, and the latter's going to be harder than I thought. Like I said, I thought I'd have a ton of time over break...

I think I really must be a Scrooge or something. I can't remember the last time I really felt happy over the holidays. It seems like they're always busy and somehow disappointing... And it's not because I expect a lot of stuff. Actually, this year, something in me doesn't want to get anything at all. There's nothing I really want, and I know all the gifts I give are going to be incredibly lame... I'll have to buy cheap stuff so I don't overload my credit card again this month, and there's absolutely NO time for me to do anything thoughtful/homemade...

I'm sorry. Wow. I had no idea this entry was going to be this depressing... But I am really bummed out. And I'm not sure what to do. The last thing I want to do is disappoint people. But no matter what, I think I'm going to. Either I say, "Screw it, I don't want to clean house yet; I'd rather have a good Christmas" and my family will be frustrated with me for getting behind, or I do all my cleaning now and be exhausted and cranky during Christmas with a bunch of really lame gifts.

Maybe this is all just because it's my time of the month... But that's weird because I'm usually in a good mood once I actually start...

Anyways... Sorry for the depressing entry.

(Hope this doesn't offend you, Kat... You haven't done anything at all. I just needed to vent. *hug*)


So close...

I have one more final tomorrow and then I'm FREEEE!! Hopefully then I'll be able to do something useful with my time. XD I'll probably crash for the first day or so, and then I'll try to get off the couch and do stuff, especially finishing my Genderswitch!Hyoutei picture.

Speaking of which, congrats once again to meemobunny and sakia_chan for guessing all of the feet correctly. You two get the prize. ^^ I'm also giving one to daeiell for guessing so many times. What would you like me to draw for you??

So here's my to-do list:
1. Finish the original picture
2. Oshitari and Atobe for meemobunny
3. Atobe and Tezuka (with cherryblossoms ;3) for sakia_chan
4. Picture for daeiell... Let me know!! ^^

Oh, and if anyone's curious, here's the order they were in:
Taki, Ootori, Shishido, Jirou, Atobe, Kabaji, Oshitari, Gakuto, Hiyoshi.

What else is going on... Oh! I've been learning Tenimyu dances from Rikkai Second Service. XDDD It is SOOO much fun! It's my new workout routine because it is HARD. Of course, it's even harder when you're trying to learn it from the tape, 'cuz you have to first figure out what the *&^%! they're doing, and then you have to do it backwards because they're facing you. But I'm not bitter. XD Meanwhile, it's given me new respect for the actors. I don't know how they sing doing all of that. O.o

So, yeah. I'm learning FuuRinKaZan and Seigaku's big opening number. Or, I should say, I've learned FuuRinKaZan and I'm still working on that %$#@!! opening number. It's fun once you get it but it's really sucked trying to learn it. Not to mention the first third of it wrenched my back and the second third of it killed my quads (which I thought were already too strong for their own good, but yesterday they were so sore I could hardly go down the stairs. O_o). I shudder to think what awaits me when I learn the last third of the song. Anyways, I also hope to learn the second Bloodshot. :D Just 'cuz I wanna swivel my hips like Genki... won't look as cute doing it, though, lol.

It makes me a little sad though, because I probably won't be able to show off at go to Anime Expo this year. :( I'll either still be in Hiroshima or have just gotten back. But I'm hoping to steal Kat's laptop (which has a webcam) so I can film myself dancing and maybe post it on YouTube. We'll see.

One last note of randomness... I went to Toonami Jetstream because I still sometimes like to check up on the dub, because it amuses me... Anyways, they got to the episode with Kirihara and I HATE HIS VOICE!! DX I've felt bad, because I didn't like the way everyone bashed the dub so bad when it came out, and I wanted to keep an open mind, but... They already screwed up Rikkai!!!!! Kirihara's voice is like... nasal, but it's not even cute. It vexes me. T.T

/rant. XD Sorry that was pointless. I'm done now, I promise.

*chu* Love you all!!!

I'm back, and A GAME!!

Things have been crazy around me-land, too crazy to even begin to explain all that's been going on during my unintentional hiatus. I sang a mass as a soloist, I had to write a ten-page paper that literally gave me nightmares, I saw RikkaiMyu again and squee-ed over it...

There was just a lot of stuff.

In any case, I won't bore y'all with much of it. Just know that I LOVE RikkaiMyu and we finally got our DVD, which is exciting even though we downloaded it a week ago because we couldn't wait XD. But yes, it was just as good as I remembered it from when I saw it, and I'm glad everyone likes it.

I've so learned part of the dance to FuRinKaZan. X3

On another note, it's finals week now. T.T Whyyyy.... But I guess the good news is, I'll be done by the middle of next week and then I can do whatever I want. I'll be around a lot more then...

Anyways, I feel bad for not having contributed anything for a while, and I'm so totally bored right now that I'm going to do something silly with something I've been working on.

So let's play a little game... **There's a prize!!**Collapse )

EDIT: Congratulations to meemobunny for guessing correctly even though you cheated, lol... jk XD! And also, to sakia_chan, who's about to get it right. ^_~* You'll both get pictures-- just let me know what you'd like. :D I screened some comments and I'm leaving it open for ONE MORE PERSON to win if anyone wants to try! Good luck! ^^


Midterm. :P

I just took my midterm for my Asian Pacific American Studies class, and yeah, half of it wasn't even on the study guide. Or, I guess I should say "study guide" in quotes, because obviously it didn't serve its purpose. But considering that, I thought I did pretty well because I knew the material pretty well... My slightly pessimistic guess is that I got an 88% on it (yeah, I know... honors student). Of course, there's always the chance of a disaster, that I didn't do even close to as well as I thought I did, but I guess there's always that risk.

I hope she curves the test, for everyone else's sake. I highly doubt everyone knew the material even as well as I did... I studied for 2 or 3 hours. I NEVER study that long!

I don't understand teachers who don't give good study guides, or any study guides at all. I guess the theory is that the students will then try to learn all the material, but I don't think it really works. Because then people try (if they try at all, some just give up) to study everything, but don't study any of it well, and in the end, they don't know everything you want them to know. I think teachers should teach you everything they can about the subject, but not expect you to know it all. They should tell you what's important, and tell you specifically and exactly what you need to know. And then they should test you on it, to see how well you know the most important concepts.

That's why I love language, math, and science classes. "Here, these are the grammar points and vocabulary you need to know." "Here, know how to solve these types of problems." "Here, know this concept and be able to solve this problem." Social Science teachers, on the other hand, tend to be unclear. -_-

On a similar subject, that class is based mostly on group work (70%). I HATE GROUP WORK. Yes, it raises the class average; usually raises it from a C to a middle or low B. But then EVERYONE gets that grade. "A" students (like me) get screwed. And I have very little patience with my group. I can tell that none of them really want to do any work. And whenever we need a group "spokesperson"... yeah. Guess who gets stuck with that job.

I am so over this class. I think I've pretty much resigned myself to getting my first "B" ever. (Yeah, I know that's ridiculous. But's it's true.) I don't need to stress over trying to get an "A" that's probably impossible to get anyway.

In the case of this midterm, I have absolutely no regrets. I studied hard on what I thought I was supposed to study, I felt like I did surprisingly well considering the crap that was on the test, and I refuse to stress over my grade. I'll get the grade I get. :)

But I'm still allowed to think she's a horrible teacher. XD


Fanart: Rikkai Genderswitch

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... And, as always, I fail at commenting as well. T.T Sumimasen...

Anyways, yeah. I finally got fed up with trying to finsih my PoTgirls one by one, so I drew all of Girl!Rikkai in their school uniforms. (I still plan to go back and do them one by one in costumes, but this makes me happier for now. XD)

Warning: HUGE image.
Okay, so I have a fetish for Genderswitch. I guess...Collapse )

Why do I keep DREAMING? O.o

I woke up on Saturday at 8:00 in the morning (after staying up 'til 3 XD) to realize that I'd been having a strange dream.

My family was staying in a huge house somewhere out in the desert, somewhere where there wasn't a lot of light pollution. (Nice homes tend to be built in such places.) Kat and I were home alone and most of the house was dark. She was asleep. The phone rang, and I answered it. I heard a strange-sounding female voice on the other line, and she said, "Hello. This is not my real voice; this is an accent. I'm right outside of the house..." I don't know if she said it, but somehow I knew she was going to break in and kill me. Still on the phone, I went around locking all the doors. I hung up and tried calling my mother, but she was out somewhere where she wasn't getting good cell phone reception. I kept trying, all the while looking around for a weapon, thinking, "If she's going to kill me, I should put up some sort of a fight..." I finally got through to Mom (I was pretty much hysterical at this point), and she basically thought I was crazy. She said to just wait until she got back. But I went upstairs to the master bedroom (this house was like, a weird mix of all the houses I've lived in O.o), which was dark, and I saw a crow hopping across the floor, which meant that a door was open somewhere. And I was freaking out, and trying to tell this to Mom, and then I woke up.

I actually woke up to the sound of the garage door closing. Which meant I was home alone. And then a few minutes later, the phone rang. I didn't answer it. XD

I went back to sleep, and then I had another weird dream. I dreamt I was taking tango class for another semester, and it was like the first day or something. And I ended up dancing with Eiji. O.o (I was all, why not Sanada? But whatever.) He was really nice (and rather mature, not like Eiji XD) and we were talking about how, even though we'd both taken tango last semester, we'd never actually danced with each other, and we thought that was weird. I remember thinking that I had always wanted to dance with him, and was happy that he was dancing with me now. (He was a really good leader, too... He had a very soft lead, but one where you knew exactly what he was doing. And we were in close embrace *sigh* XD) Since it was the first day, some of the students had brought their parents to watch, so his Dad was there. (Where did I get THAT from?) I saw his Dad as we danced by; he was kind of tall with white hair, but big, dark eyes and a friendly-looking face. But anyways, then I woke up.

Three words for you:

What the heck?

I never used to have dreams this frequently. Traditionally for me it's been once a month AT MOST. Lately it's been every time I sleep, which includes naps and everything.

Anyway, not much else has been going on. My week from hell tough week is over, and this week shouldn't be so bad. But I'm also going to try to practice my music as much as possible this week, since, you know, I have to have it ALL memorized by THURSDAY. O_o But I'm enjoying it. I'm really starting to feel close to my other cast members. ^.^ We had a good rehearsal on Saturday.

Luv you all! ♥


I don't WANNA. XD

I should be doing homework but whatever. :P Thanks to everyone who responded to the meme! I enjoyed hearing from y'all. XD Everyone wants to tango with me. I so want to. Maybe I can convince Kat to cosplay Atobe for me at AX next year and we can do a demonstration. ;D And then I'll tango with anyone who wants to. ^^

So I had a speaking test today in Japanese... It went pretty well. ^^ It's a little nervewracking, though. My partner kind of freaked out... >.> But that's okay. I think we did fine. ^^

What else is going on?... Not much, really. I have a 5-page character analysis due on Thursday along with a 5-7 page group paper for my Asian American studies class, and on Friday my history paper is due. Not to mention that I'll be in rehearsal all Thursday night...

So yeah, I really should get working... XP

Well, anyways. Love you all. I'll try to comment more next week; sorry for being so lazy. ^^;

Busy week. :P

Actually, busy two weeks. I have two big tests this week, and a paper and a project due next week. Oh joy.

I woke up from my 2 3/4 hour nap today feeling as though I'd been dreaming for days. O.o And the strangest part is that I don't remember a single dream I had. I just woke up feeling maybe a little depressed or something, but I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm having all these dreams because I'm sick... That said, I'm feeling a lot better than I was, though my voice isn't quite back from when I blew it out singing in rehearsal. -_- My voice teacher is so demanding, and I tend to push myself...


I finally scanned all my sketches of the PoT girls that I'm going to do... Which means nothing right now, but hopefully it means I will be more motivated to get stuff done faster. Originally, I was just using the sketches as refrences, but the drawings on the computer were not coming out to my satisfaction. I kept saying, "My measly sketches are better!" So now I'm just going to draw over those. :P

Not that it matters. XD

More importantly, Kat finally posted pictures from our Japan trip! ^o^ *was too lazy to do it myself* So go here if you're interested. She does a good job of explaining how everything went.



Yeah, I know I already posted today, but I finsihed a picture so whatever. XD

Because Jackal needs more love. ♥Collapse )


I am officially SICK.

I thought I just had allergies, but today it's a full-blown cold. I'm stuffy AND runny-nosed (figure that out if you can), I'm coughing, I'm sneezing, I'm tired, my throat feels disgusting, my head feels heavy, and if I get up too fast I get dizzy. -_- Having a cold when it's still this blazin' hot out is miserable. When it's cold, the chill in the air feels kind of refreshing, and it's nice to snuggle up under the covers wearing a warm sweatshirt. But when it's like 100 degrees outside, you feel like you have a fever even when you don't and you seriously want to die.

Not only that, but I think I made Kat sick too. T_T Sorry sweetie, I could have SWORN it was allergies.

But anyways. I just got up from a nap and I'm in a better mood, if not feeling better. Haven't been doing much that's useful, but I suppose that's fine. I've gotten into the swing of this semester, and I feel pretty relaxed about balancing classes and my vocal stuff. So yayz. :3

I kind of want like, hot chocolate right now or something, but as soon as I go outside to get it, I know I'm going to be like, "Nooo nothing hot! It's 100 degrees out!! D:" You know what really sounds good is one of those Lemon Vitamin C drinks they have in Japan. Those are carbonated lemony bliss. X3 But they don't have them here. T.T

I'm just rambling now. I'll stop. XD

And there's still a dead lizard in the bathroom. DX I kinda just wanna leave it there. I think I've made friends with it. O.o